Top 5 Wednesday: Series that Got Better


I absolutely love when this happens but I must admit it seldom happens to me because I usually give up if the first book holds no promise so the first book has to hold SOME promise that would encourage me to continue.

The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer – I still surprise myself that I continued this one because the first book was a 3 star read but the second half of the second book was a bit epic so I am glad I continued. I know most people’s favorite book was Cress but I just love Scarlet and Wolf, maybe because they seemed the most ‘grown’. I also HIGHLY recommend the novela Fairest which is the origin story of the ‘evil Queen’ and it is the strongest book in the series. Also, this is a book WITHOUT LOVE TRIANGLES, praise jesus. I’ll have to do a post later on why I believe love triangles are a detriment to YA books.


His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman – I know a lot of people feel that the first book is a bit of a let down but omg I love this series, by the final book I was in awe at Pullman’s world-building. Plus he is not afraid to give you a sad ending but a fitting and bitter sweet ending which I appreciate.


Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling – I am constantly trying to convince adults to read this and to ‘get over’ the first 2 books which are the weakest because once the plot twist of book 3 comes it’s all majestic from then on. I do think the final 3 books are the strongest because we move on from ‘high school drama’ to Harry basically going head to head with the Minister of Magic.


The Girl in 6E Trilogy by A.R. Torre – Personally book 2 is my favorite but truly this series expands so much. I loved the character growth and how Deanna’s world opens up to her, she’s quite the unlikely bad-ass heroine who just happens to be a cam girl.


The Winner’s Trilogy by Marie Rutkoski – this is somehow marketed as a fantasy YA book but truly there’s like zero magic. We have a smart heroine who goes up on a battle of wits against the big bad who is a master manipulator and the ending of book 2 will leave you shook. Actually the ending of book 1 is pretty bad ass too so I recommend if you’re reading book 1 and are enjoying it, place your order for book 2, you’ll want to binge read these. This is a series that is not afraid of making the heroine suffer, I know often YA keeps things for their heroines pretty PG but our girl is neither a warrior nor super strong but she is incredibly smart and determined which I appreciated.

I have so many more series to read so of course this list is ever changing, I’ve just not been into series at all this year.



7 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Series that Got Better

  1. I totally agree with you on the Lunar Chronicles! Scarlet was actually my favorite book of the series. Cinder was definitely a “meh” 3 star read, but because the character changed I was interested enough to keep reading. I’m glad I did!

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  2. Ooh I think book 3 in the winner’s curse trilogy was a let down compared to book 2 but it was a great series overall. I like you enjoyed Lunar but wasn’t blown away and the second pairing are my favourites ❤

    I preferred book 1 to book two in the His Dark Materials trilogy but I haven't as of yet read book three.

    Harry potter, I think my favourites are book 3 and book 5. Great choices. This list has encouraged me to bump up the girl in 6e trilogy because I've only read book 1.

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