Book Review: The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher

Title: The Princess Diarist
Author: Carrie Grant
Published: 2016
Genre: Non-Fiction Memoir

Summary: The Princess Diarist is Carrie Fisher’s intimate, hilarious and revealing recollection of what happened behind the scenes on one of the most famous film sets of all time, the first Star Wars movie. When Carrie Fisher recently discovered the journals she kept during the filming of the first Star Wars movie, she was astonished to see what they had preserved—plaintive love poems, unbridled musings with youthful naiveté, and a vulnerability that she barely recognized. Today, her fame as an author, actress, and pop-culture icon is indisputable, but in 1977, Carrie Fisher was just a (sort-of) regular teenager.

My Rating: 8igbk4dbt8igbk4dbt8igbk4dbt

So I have to admit being slightly disappointed by this book, granted I never thought this would be a 5 star read but still… this book went downhill for me and I can almost divide it into 3 parts.

Part 1 – the best part, Carrie gives us an idea of who she was, is and what happened between her and Harrison Ford while filming Star Wars in 1976. It is a sweet story that speaks of how much Carrie still respects him as a human being and it also shows us what a little girl she still was while filming. I enjoyed it a lot as it felt like the first grown-up relationship a girl has, the one that transforms you into a woman.

Part 2 – The diaries in which we read the hazy stream of consciousness that reads a lot more like abstract poetry than actual journal entries. Some parts of it is good other parts I feel was a bad thing to read when enjoying an audiobook. I was actually quite bored and despite these being about Harrison I felt they could’ve been about just anyone. It is all very stream of consciousness which is my least favorite thing to read.

Part 3 – Post Star Wars, Fisher speaks about her life now, how she got into appearing in Comic Cons, her brushes with fans, etc. This was my least favorite part, it was a bit disjointed and generic and I yawned a good many times through it. I felt like we needed more. More of what we came to read which was Carrie and Harrison and there was literally none of it in this 3rd part. Fisher is as always very funny but I did feel like she spoke to us in this section at a distance. The first part of the book felt a lot more honest and intimate.

Overall I wanted to hear this in audiobook because I longed to listen to Carrie’s voice and she’s a fantastic narrator. I would read her work again but mostly out of nostalgia because to me Princess Leia was everything and in honor to that I still carry a torch for Fisher.



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