Top 5 Wednesday: Fandoms You Are No Longer In

Fandoms… I have so many stories to tell. Comparative I’m a bit old school, I discovered fandom in 2000 and it was quite a life-sucking experience. Since then I have gotten into a few of them but I always end up hating the fandom at the end. So here they are, the kaleidoscope of past love affairs…

  1. The very first fandom I discovered was Buffy the Vampire Slayer in season 4, one Saturday while I was hungover my Junior yr at university. I became so obsessed with this show, with Spike and Buffy in particular that I swear I would dream about them. I broke up with my then boyfriend because he was not ‘Spike-enough’ (I know, absolutely stupid) and I began writing fanfiction. That consumed 3 years of my life and I literally cried when the show ended. I should state that I swore I would never trust Joss Whedon again.
  2. Then came Harry Potter, now I was not that into fandom myself, but I was slightly involved. I was into random other things but still I went to the book publishing parties, went on midnight to the movie premier, the usual fun stuff and my best friend was really into it so we did a lot of that stuff together. I wrote a handful of Harry Potter fanfiction but I did read A LOT more than I wrote.
  3. Then came Gossip Girl, I was blase towards it until Chuck and Blair hooked up –  I was SOOO hooked I needed all the stories and all the art. If there’s one thing I can think back and be grateful for my 3 years OBSESSED with Gossip Girl it is that I really developed as a writer. I wrote a lot and I challenged myself with each story, different forms, different genres, etc. I fell out of love with the show because of the decline in the quality of writing (I mean, it wasn’t fucking Shakespeare to begin with) but I still watched the finale and was very happy with how it ended. I don’t think I would re-watch the show in its entirety again.
  4. Old Hollywood Fandom – So I ran a Tumblr blog for a couple of years, it’s still up here – I worked with a lot of old photos and edits, followed a lot of people, got a lot of followers and enjoyed myself plenty with tons of vintage things. My favorites were Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Eleanor Parker, Mae West, Rita Moreno, 80s films, Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, and many many more. I did get bored after a few years. People still love the photos and the GIF sets so I’ve left it running for their enjoyment.
  5. Also, during my time in Tumblr I did some misc fandom, didn’t get much into them but I enjoyed them enough. The 1st Avengers movie (never trust Joss Whedon, he is an evil man), The Hobbit and random others like Sex and the City and Veronica Mars.

Overall thoughts on Fandom… I understand fandom, it’s a living breathing organism.  I also think writers, actors, producers, they all need to be aware of the fandom. The fandom can really make or break your product and it almost gets out of your hands. If you’re publishing a series of books and you purposelessly mislead the fans it can truly impact your legacy (ex. The Divergent Series, fans are still super salty and the final movies tanked). I do think the love-triangle trope is finally going out of trend and I’m hoping this produces more quality YA, time will tell. I think fandom is enjoyable if you’re young but as you get older things that were crucial seem trivial.


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