Poetry Collection: Bone by Yrsa Daley-Ward

Title: bone
Author: Yrsa Daley-Ward
Published: 2014
Genre: Poetry

Synopsis: Bone. Visceral. Close to. Stark.

Rating: red-starred-starred-starred-star

“If you’re afraid to write it,
that’s a good sign.
I suppose you know you’re writing the
truth when you’re terrified.”

This poetry collection written by Daley-Ward who is of Nigerian and Jamaican decent but raised in England is fantastic. There are some rich evocative portions of this collection which I truly enjoyed. She employs a sort of back and forth with both poetry and short stories, but these short stories are formatted like poetry and you do not realize you’re in a short story until the narration begins.

“I said nothing, thinking of all the things you
understand and
all of the things you don’t
like how I will love you forever but
probably from afar
not in the way you want and
how you’ll find somebody new
to be with. It’s only fair.”

I know a lot has been said lately of the new sort of poetry style that simply seeks to divide sentences to create a poetic symmetry rather than focusing on imagery and elevating words to a near melodic nature and this particular collection has a mix of both. In parts we have fantastic imagery “It was 3am and you could still smell the storm clouds under my skin.”  and other times the poet simply wants us to know how she is feeling, how she sees her life and her world.

I thought 3/4 of the works in the book were great and I was not fond of 1/4 of them but that is the nature of a poetry collection, you will absolutely love some and not care for others. Overall, as I look back on it, it is a solid collection. It’s not as short as you might think, like Milk and Honey which one could sit and read in an hour, it is denser and many parts of it deserve the consideration of an unhurried read.



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