Book Review: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling

Title: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Author: J.K Rowling
Published: 2005
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Synopsis: It is the middle of the summer, but there is an unseasonal mist pressing against the windowpanes. Harry Potter is waiting nervously in his bedroom at the Dursleys’ house in Privet Drive for a visit from Professor Dumbledore himself. One of the last times he saw the Headmaster was in a fierce one-to-one duel with Lord Voldemort, and Harry can’t quite believe that Professor Dumbledore will actually appear at the Dursleys’ of all places. Why is the Professor coming to visit him now? What is it that cannot wait until Harry returns to Hogwarts in a few weeks’ time? Harry’s sixth year at Hogwarts has already got off to an unusual start, as the worlds of Muggle and magic start to intertwine…

My Rating: 8igbk4dbt8igbk4dbt8igbk4dbt8igbk4dbt8igbk4dbt

The great thing about rereading is that you visit a time in your life when you thought differently. For a long time I thought that Half-Blood Prince was my favorite of the Harry Potter books and now, 10 years later, as I read this one I loved it. I really really loved it, it’s a 5 star read but now I’m not sure if I can still call this my favorite of the Harry Potter books. I almost love The Order of the Phoenix more which is hilarious to me especially since for a long time OOtP was my least favorite of the books. It just shows you how we change.

I had forgotten about 60% of what happens in this book so I have decided that I need to read the Harry Potter books every 3-4 years. I still laugh at the jokes and everything felt fresh and modern, these books have aged to incredibly well. I also have to commend Rowling for her ‘growing up’ of Harry in this book as this is the book when Harry faces down the Minister of Magic all by himself with plenty of sass to go around. I had also forgotten just how awesome Ginny is, when Ginny came to the forefront of the books she was met with a lot of backlash – she was a sharp contrast to beloved Hermione which I felt was incredibly unfair to her since Rowling had YEARS to flesh out Hermione and since the books are told in Harry’s POV he just doesn’t notice Ginny until this book so we notice her as Harry notices her. The Mary-Sue term was stamped on her something fierce (a term I find both insulting and sexist). Rowling has such an uncanny ability to write female characters, even if all they get is a few lines, Tonks, Luna, Fleur and Mrs. Malfoy are a few that come to mind.

I’m a little sad that I’m coming to the end of the books, I’ve enjoyed the reread so much and in these crazy political times they have been my happy place which I am incredibly grateful for.


2 thoughts on “Book Review: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling

  1. A re-read is long overdue for me. I don’t even own all of the books anymore, so I’ll need to purchase the ones I don’t own and binge them some time. I forgot so much of what happened.

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