Graphic Novel Review: Soulless the Manga Vol.2 by Gail Garriger

Title: Soulless the Manga Vol. 2
Author:  Gail Garriger
Art by: Rem and Priscilla Hamby
Published: 2012
Genre: Graphic Novel – Manga

Synopsis: Settling into her new life as the Lady Woolsey, Alexia finds her days quite challenging. Whether it is a regiment of supernatural soldiers camped out on her front lawn or the demands of being the Queen’s “muhjah,” there never seems to be a want of new hurdles to overcome. But when stories of supernaturals rendered normal by some unknown force begin cropping up, Alexia has a rather serious mystery on her hands. Can she root out the cause of this phenomenon, which smacks of some larger plot at work?

My Rating: red-starred-starred-star

This is the manga for the second book of the parasol protectorate series and much like the book is represents I thought that the storyline was OK. It’s always nice to see the drawings despite still not believe the two mains to be anything like described in the book, I generally enjoyed this.

In our story Alexia is faced with the mystery of a ‘changeless’ plague that seems to be affecting the supernaturals. They’re humanizing and she goes to investigate the mystery along with the aid of new comers like Madame Lefoux and her always annoying and incompetent friend Ivy. The same problems I had with the book bother me about this one – the reason the first book was so good was because there was that tug and pull romance of the courtship of Alexia with Lord Maccon but now that they’re married I felt that it took away a lot of the charm.

The ending was as ridiculous and gimmicky as the novel but I’m still torn if to read the 3rd Manga. Overall, Carriger’s story is different and there’s not a lot of well done steampunk so if that is what you’re aching for I recommend the series and the manga.



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