December TBR/Currently Reading 2016

I finish school on December 9th and I am FREE for a month! Granted, I have events going on (I do event planning) for the Holidays so it’s not like I’ll be kicking back 100% but I will have free reading time that will not be school related!

I want to do the Cramathon2016 – which runs from Dec 16-23 where we attempt to read 7 books. I don’t know if I can do 7 books but I’d still like to participate to see how much I can read.

Currently I am reading these two in audio so I know I will finish them:

The book I MUST read is this beauty because you know I have been DYING to read the conclusion to the Queen of the Tearling trilogy. If this goes well, this will be my favorite trilogy of the year, surpassing The Winner’s Curse Trilogy which I also loved.


I have also been contacted by writers/publishers for books for review. I would like to do these this month, maybe in the week I’m off work or the Cramathon.

  1. The Dry by Jane Harper (adult mystery)
  2. Caught in the Revolution by Helen Rappaport (non-fiction)
  3. Come This Way by Michelle Schlincher (adult fiction)

And finally, a theme book this month is this short story collection which I plan to do as an advent calendar – one story each night before bed and will also count as a young adult book.


So that’s 7 books I’m anticipating reading but I hope to do more, I hope to read 10 books but I’m leaving it open as to which books that will be. I will also be taking a break from Harry Potter and restarting my re-read next year.



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