Top 5 Wednesday: Books You Want to See as TV Shows

I should state that I do not really watch TV and shows are a rarity for me but I can appreciate the possibilities of the titles below and how well they would translate to a TV audience.

  1. The Girl with All the Gifts by M.R. Carey -follow up with the popularity of The Walking Dead, people just like post-apocalyptic zombie stuff. This one would be unique because we would explore the world ravaged by the zombies and the plot can go from there. Now, since this is a movie in the works the TV show can certainly take place AFTER the movie or it can be from the moment of the outbreak to when Melanie is first wheeled to meet Miss Justineau. Either way, there’s tons of possibility. Like I need Dr. Caldwell’s sexuality explored, I want the relationship between Justineau and Sargent worked on – etc.
  2. The Rithmatist by Brandon Sanderson – the key to a good tv show adaptation is the possibility of more and that can only be done when the world building is solid because you have the bones to grow it. This world is ripe with possibility and with the technology we have now a network like CW could make a great YA show about this.
  3.  The Parasol Protectorate Series by Gail Carriger – I have mentioned before that BBC needs to adapt this as soon as possible, this is a cash cow operation. Steampunk London with werewolves and vampire and a spunky society lady that gets herself caught up in all of their affairs? Yeah, it needs to happen.
  4. The Girl in 6E by A.R. Torre – another one I have mentioned before that would make an awesome show. Dexter but as a woman who happens to be a cam girl as a day/night job is just ripe with possibility and production cost would be reasonable.
  5. Rat Queens graphic novels – this world is so rich, vibrant and ripe with possibilities. There’s so much story that can go from there with a cast highly diverse and with a we don’t give a shit attitude and full of girl power, it’s perfect for this new generation of viewers.

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Books You Want to See as TV Shows

  1. I’m not familiar with any of the books you’ve mentioned, but you certainly make them sound very interesting! I’ll probably look them up. Which one would you recommend the most?

    Great post!

    P.S. In one of my earlier blog posts, I mentioned my intention of visiting every blog that follows me and leaving a little comment love as a small expression of my gratitude. Having said that, I personally want to thank you for being a part of my readership. You are incredibly wonderful, and your support means more to me than you realize! 😊💕

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