Poetry Collection: Why God Is a Woman by Nin Andrews

Title: Why God is a Woman
Author: Nin Andrews
Published: 2015
Genre: Poetry

Synopsis: Why God Is a Woman is a collection of poems written about a magical island where women rule and men are the second sex. It is also the story of a boy who, exiled from the island because he could not abide by its sexist laws, looks back with both nostalgia and bitterness and wonders: Why does God have to be a woman? Celebrated prose poet Nin Andrews creates a world both fantastic and familiar where all the myths, logic, and institutions support the dominance of women.

Rating: red-starred-starred-starred-starred-star

“On the Island where I come from prepubescent boys wear absorbent pads on their backs when their wings are sprouting. The pads soak up the blood, though leakages occur, and boys often complain that they feel like the Hunchback of Notre Dame…. Many boys envy their wingless friends who are not seen as sexual targets by the Island women or foreigners who compare our virgin boys to angels and will pay a high price to be the first to ride them.”

This book is a solid social commentary on gender roles and the patriarchy and it comments on it by flawlessly creating an Island where women rule and men are the second-class citizens. There are so many great moments of “aha!” that I ended up highlighting the whole book and filled with with little tabs in which to reference to in the future.

I loved it. Boasting only 88 pages we dive into the culture of this Island slowly showing how society treats its boys and what they represent. It’s brilliant without being preachy but it brings forth realizations that we’re often desensitized to because of its comfort of normality.

I highly encourage you to check it out, it’s short but really packs a punch. My favorite was the very last poem titled for the book “Why God is a Woman” and I got so teary eyed in those two chapters. High, high recommend it.

“He was drowning in a sorrow so deep, the words would not rise from his throat.”



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