Top 5 Wednesday: Settings You Want to See More of

This week’s Top 5 Wednesday is Setting You Want to See More of. In case you didn’t know, Top 5 Wednesdays were are created byLainey and moderated by Sam.

I’m purposefully putting these here to see if I can also get recommendations because I’m working on my 2017 TBR (yes, 2016 is shot I can’t add another damn book) and I would like to read more books with these sort of settings.


1. The Australian Outback with Aboriginal Themes
I admit not to have read a book about this and I honestly would really like to. Something that involves a love story and touches civil rights of the Aboriginal people would be something I’d like to read.


2. Space Opera
I think after reading Illuminae and A Book of Strange New Things I really want to explore more ‘soft-core’ sci-fi books. Perhaps colonizing planets or something along those lines. I definitely want to read some John Scalzi next year especially The Old Man’s War and Fuzzy Nation.


3. Interracial Historical Fiction/Romance
I want it. I want a runaway slave crashing the home of a pioneer widow, I want a Spanish conquistador falling in love with an Aztec priestess, I want a WW2 Japanese POW prisoner being nursed to health by a mute girl from South Dakota, I want an LGBT story of a cowboy and a Cherokee warrior – you get my drift. It needs to be historical and it needs to specifically deal with racial tensions.


4. Books set in Bookstores
After loving The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry and You by Caroline Kepnes, I really want to jump right into books set in bookstores.


5. Haunted Houses
Trapped in a haunted house? Haunted boarding school? Haunted hotel? Yes I’d really like something. Especially if they have twist endings!


8 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Settings You Want to See More of

  1. All of these sound so amazing that I can’t even choose which one is my favorite. Maybe the haunted house? Though I know the book will probably end up in the freezer every night lol

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      1. Girl, I watched maybe 5 minutes of that movie before I was like nuh-uh, ain’t happening. I’m such a scaredy cat. The Diviner’s completely freaked me out, too! haha

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