Graphic Novel Review: Soulless the Manga Vol.1 by Gail Garriger

Title: Soulless, The Manga Vol. 1
Author:  Gail Garriger
Art by: Rem
Published: 2012
Genre: Graphic Novel – Manga

Synopsis: The life of a spinster in Victorian London isn’t an easy one on the best of days, but such a life becomes infinitely more complicated when said spinster is “soulless” – a preternatural bridging the gap between the natural and supernatural worlds. Miss Alexia Tarabotti has this unique distinction, and when she is assailed at a formal gathering by a rove vampire, an encounter that results in the death of the half-starved creature, her circumstances become exponentially more complicated indeed! Now caught up in an intrigue with life or death stakes, Alexia must rely on all her talents to outmatch the forces conspiring against her, but it may be the man who has caught her eye – Lord Conall Maccon – and their budding flirtation that truly drives her to her wit’s end!

My Rating: red-starred-starred-starred-star

I found this little guy in a library sale for a couple of cents and I scooped it up and read it the moment I got home! I know I said I wasn’t going to read a graphic novel during this tome read-a-thon but apparently I was wrong! This was perfect to read while reading the longer books.

This is a manga adaptation of the original Soulless which I gave 5 stars because it was utterly delightful and the manga was just as good. I loved getting to see all the characters and the situations. I think it conveyed the story of the Alexia and Lord Maccon quite well and I’m temped to see if I can get my hands on the other 2 mangas in the series.

The art was clean and to the point but I will say the characters did not look how I thought they would, at least not as described. Alexia is described as being dark with a stubborn nose and I thought that Lord Maccon would look older, Darcy-esque. Dark and broody. So that was a bit distracting but other than that the story flowed well. I do think that original book is better but this is a good thing to refresh yourself with if you want to continue the series and read the 1st one a long time before. Also, there’s graphic sexy scenes and since Alexia/Maccon are OTP it was all the better 😉


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